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Why Mindstorm?

Our Services: Solid marketing strategy. Creative thinking. Marketing insights. Inspired design. Branding Focus. All cultivated through years of experience and a love for what we do.

We believe in the power of doing things different along with the practicality of doing things right. Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA. That means we are experts on using ingenuity and innovation to make real-world budgets work harder.

From advertising to branding and marketing. We love creating brand strategies, website creative, and interactive marketing campaigns… nothing we create is off-the-shelf. Everything we create is designed with purposeful intention to deliver results.


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Our Branding and Marketing Approach

We take brands and imagine where they could go - where can we take them?  Then we invigorate them - we build them up or we reinvent them. Finally ignition - We ignite brands to a place they have not been before. Our approach is simple by design but far-reaching in effect.

IMAGINE. Change is inevitable but growth is optional.

Where do you see your business in 6 months? 6 years? How will you get there? At Mindstorm, we help you imagine the possibilities of you branding, marketing and creative. We chart the plan and then create the tools you need to take your advertising to the next level.

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INVIGORATE. Passion is energy.

Could your marketing or advertising use an infusion of fresh thinking and energy? At Mindstorm we look at marketing and advertising differently and challenge the status quo. Put our passion for solving problems and taste for innovation to the test for your business.


IGNITE. A creative spark can ignite the sales engine.

Stalled sales? Tired advertising campaigns? Same old marketing campaign? At Mindstorm we create purposeful campaigns to fuel the business objectives of our clients. Whether the goal is awareness, inquiry or sales, the best creative is the one that stands out and delivers results.

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Marketing Agency Charlotte Brand Approach


Business Start-Up

Just launching your business? Let us help guide you through the most common marketing needs and pitfalls for start-up marketing to set you on a deliberate path to success. From foundational planning to basic support elements, we can bundle a package of services that will save you both time and money.

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Tuning-up for Growth

Have you hit a business plateau or simply need to revitalize your marketing to create positive momentum? Whether it is helping to launch a new product or initiative or creating a fresh marketing campaign to ignite sales, we can help. A review of your strategic assets, past programs and new goals will allow us to create a custom program that achieves the results you need.

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Marketing Check-up

Is your marketing dollar working hard enough? Not sure if or when you should tweak your marketing programs? Maybe it’s time for a marketing check-up. At Mindstorm we bring years of experience and an outside perspective to the table to help you determine where making some changes may prove most effective for your business. After all, inefficiency is the enemy of success.

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Marketing Maintenance

Has your company reached the stage where you need outside help in marketing? Whether it is simply keeping your existing programs on track or building a roadmap for growth, we can help. At Mindstorm, we function as a marketing partner to clients of all sizes to help bridge the marketing gaps.

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Brand Experience

our branding, marketing and creative service experience