Our Marketing and Branding Approach

At Mindstorm Communications (a Charlotte advertising agency based in NC), we believe that the best creative work is rooted in collaborative knowledge.

That’s why we take the time to gain a thorough understanding of the stated objectives, the target market, previous marketing campaigns, and current competition before we even make the first sketch in the creative department.

We are very much invested in your stated objectives and success, which is why we have in-depth brainstorming sessions with you. We want to stay on the same page and maintain the most effective communication strategies to ensure expectations are met for both parties.

  • More often than not, we spend some time picking the brains of the people who know the brands and products the best, our clients.
  • Other times, we need to research outside of our clients as well to ensure on-target and effective branding solutions.
  • We do not believe there is only one possible solution to any creative challenge. At Mindstorm, we always bring a range of ideas, options and executions to the table so we can decide together which avenue is best.
  • We work with our clients to determine the best fit for the situation and then strive to refine that idea to its best rendition.

At Mindstorm, we incorporate passion into everything we do, because that’s how we feel about our work. We take great pride and find incredible joy in helping our clients create successful marketing products.

We believe this the secret to our success and more importantly, the success of our clients.


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IMAGINE. Change is inevitable but growth is optional.

Where do you see your business in 6 months? 6 years? How will you get there? At Mindstorm, we help you imagine the possibilities of you branding, marketing and creative. We chart the plan and then create the tools you need to take your advertising to the next level. Let's get started - Contact your new Charlotte advertising agency now!

INVIGORATE. Passion is energy.

Could your marketing or advertising use an infusion of fresh thinking and energy? At Mindstorm we look at marketing and advertising differently and challenge the status quo. Put our passion for solving problems and taste for innovation to the test for your business.

IGNITE. A creative spark can ignite the sales engine.

Stalled sales? Tired advertising campaigns? Same old marketing campaign? At Mindstorm we create purposeful campaigns to fuel the business objectives of our clients. Whether the goal is awareness, inquiry or sales, the best creative is the one that stands out and delivers results. Let us show you how we deliver results!



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