Mindstorm is a small firm, which holds numerous advantages for our clients. We build and maintain strong and personable relationships with each person we work with. We rely on working closely with our clients to make certain the work that we do meets or exceeds their expectations at every stop. The opinions of our clients are always respected and valued. We believe the client-agency relationship is central to the success of any project.


step by step process 

We believe in face to face presentations. Through our process, we have steps where the client needs to approve work in order for us to progress to the next task. We prefer face to face presentations so there is no confusion for either party. 


no hidden fees

When you work with Mindstorm, we deliver based on a project fee, not by the hour. We are confident that we can estimate your job based on the hours it will take us. If we estimate wrong, we do not charge you more in the end. The only way our fee will change is if the scope of the project is modified by you.


our process

We IMAGINE different possibilities of how far we can take your (re)brand. We INVIGORATE and strengthen our strategic approach through effective branding solutions. We don’t just execute a plan, we IGNITE our solutions.

Brand Experience

our branding, marketing and creative service experience