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Have you ever wondered what goes into developing a logo with a marketing or design firm? All agencies do things differently, but at Mindstorm, a little more goes into it than a one-shot production.

In order to come up with a solid starting point, we gain a better understanding of what your brand is through our brand discovery exercise. We divulge into the foundation and core of the brand including highlights such as attributes, benefits, persona, target audience, and position in the marketplace. This allows us to utilize your strengths to meet your goals.

We also conduct a brand spectrum exercise, which defines the tone and personality of the brand. Examples of question we ask during this step:

Is your brand…

  1. Masculine or Feminine?
  2. Fun or Serious?
  3. Accessible or Exclusive?
  4. Premium or Inexpensive?

It is also important to create a competitive landscape to assess the competition. What are they promoting? What color schemes are they pushing? We view going in the same direction as the competition puts our clients at a disadvantage. Our goal is to be unique. We want to showcase our points of difference.

We present the initial logo we have come up with, and based on client feedback, we tweak it. In fact, we may go through many rounds of changes. Some of our logo creatives change drastically since the first design, and others just needed minor adjustments. It’s a fun process, especially when we take a look back on the progression of the transformation!

Check out the development of a logo we recently completed for one of our clients below!



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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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