How DIY branding can inadvertently become a “Pinterest fail”

Pinterest can be a wonderful online tool where people can access ideas to inspire their next creative endeavor. However, most of the products featured on the site are created by industry experts, which look effortless and flawless. This can create a false sense of capability when trying to tackle these projects on your own with no prior field skills. One of the most entertaining trends to sift through is called “Pinterest Fail.” This is when hopeful crafters take a picture of the Pinterest picture shown side by side their attempt to execute the undertaking, which results in a humorous disaster. If you haven’t seen them, we suggest typing in “Pinterest Fail” on your search engine to enjoy a quick laugh!

The same concept can be related to DIY branding. It can be very exciting and stimulating at first to research a method and try to execute it. While this is well-intentioned, experts in the field have spent years of research, education, and experience to learn how to accomplish results the best way possible. In fact, one wrong click on the user end and things may spiral out of hand pretty fast and you end up paying an agency to not only rebrand, but also damage control.

How do you value your time? Is it quantifiable in terms of money?

More likely than not, it’s probably priceless. When using a service like 99designs, you could actually be focusing on other things for your business instead of spending hours on logo designs then figuring out how to put it on a letterhead, etc. In the end, it may very well end up costing you more by trying to pick the cheapest route and doing the rest yourself instead of going with a professional agency from the get-go.

We’ve got 99 problems, but a design ain’t one.

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