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Mindstorm Communications Group, Inc. is a creative marketing, branding and interactive company.

What do we do? At the heart of it all, we solve business problems.


Our Services. Solid strategy. Creative thinking. Real insights. Inspired design. Resourceful ideas. All cultivated through years of experience and a love for what we do.


We are a small company that thinks BIG. We believe in the power of doing things different along with the practicality of doing things right.


From brand strategy, grassroots campaigns, digital web development, content creation, social conversations, marketing and advertising…nothing we create is off-the-shelf. Everything we create is designed with end intention to deliver results.

Healthcare Case Study - World One


We are a full-service agency offering marketing services to businesses that are ready to grow. We create and develop solutions based on your target and your objective. With a little water and a lot of imagination we can make almost anything grow!

Branding Case Study - AVSX


Financial Branding Case Study - Citizens Bank



Just like everyone else 'Our Award Winning Creative Services' can do it all - from logos to websites. Unlike everyone we take pride in producing effective and useful creative. At Mindstorm we know that we offer will be not only be creative and unique but effective!

Marketing Case Study - Pine Island Sportswear

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Why Mindstorm?

We keep in real. We give you all the things you love about traditional agencies…creative thinking, award-winning design and solid execution.  We leave out all the things you hate…hidden mark-ups, slow-moving timelines, layers of overhead, and head-spinning buzzwords and blather. We nuture the new, refresh the old and never stop thinking about how to do it better.


Refreshing? Our clients think so. 



Restaurant Case Study - Sagebrush Steakhouse

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The World Wide Web is a huge place and everyone needs to have their own little slice. From web site design, email marketing, Facebook to SEO and Apps... Let Mindstorm show you how to make your slice of the web a little bigger!

Furniture Case Study - Wood Designs